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Coming soon! Cracking the Code of Service: How to Elevate Your Employees and Customers Through World-Class Service

Pre-order Mark’s latest book, set to hit shelves in 2018. 

Mark Colgate, drawing from more than twenty years of experience teaching customer service courses, enlightens us that the age-old moniker, “customer is king,” is actually incorrect. Colgate stresses that, instead, companies should pursue consistency to deliver the best service experience―for both customers and employees.

Cracking the Code of Service is a book about the science, the systems, and the discipline of great customer service. Differentiate yourself and your organization by implementing the scientifically driven F.A.M.E. model (Framework, Accountability, Moments, and Endurance) to create your unique approach and communicate your service brand to your customers in a compelling, clear, and memorable way.

December 2016 – Mark Colgate’s book, 8 Moments of Power in Coaching: How to Design and Deliver High-Performance Feedback to all Employees hit shelves on Oct. 4, 2016.

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