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Having a service framework built on science does not mean that employees will execute great service every day. How do you ensure employees are acting on the 3rs and working hard to improve their skills in these three areas? The secret behind executing great service every day is taking a constant athletic approach to coaching.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, consistency is king—not the customer. Customer service is as much about serving your colleagues and employees as it is serving your customers. Because a team who feels accountable will go the length with your customers.


The 3 Rs

It would have been incredibly difficult to rally the 40,000 employees of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to deliver better service without a clear, compelling, and memorable framework. The 3Rs enabled Mark to collapse and summarize my main research findings into three memorable dimensions of service quality.

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“The greatest athletes, business people, and leaders all have one thing in common: they’ve all had a coach. You’re holding the best coaching blueprint I’ve read. We have tried and tested it with great success. It will take effort and discipline, but greatness awaits.” Val Litwin

President and CEO, B.C. Chamber of Commerce

“If you are looking to improve your effectiveness and performance as a coach, Mark Colgate delivers a sublime framework. Succinct yet rich with depth, 8 Moments of Power brings coaching to an incredibly useful and practical level.” Dan Pontefract

Chief Envisioner, TELUS

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