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When it comes to customer service, consistency is king – not the customer. There are four paths to ensure you’re always consistent with your service delivery. Learn what they are and how you can implement them into your organization.


Coaching is for everyone. Without coaching, it is hard for any employee – from frontline to CEO – to grow and perform at a higher level. Learn how using an athletic approach to coaching inside organizations can help employees and teams reach their peak.

Service + Coaching

There is a symbiotic relationship between customer service and coaching. When you have a customer service framework, but don’t coach to it, employees plateau. When you coach, but have no service framework, then there is no structure to help the coachee understand where they can improve. Learn about what happens when you implement both.

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Customer satisfaction and its subsequent positive word-of-mouth impact your organization in so many ways from building a stronger brand, greater customer retention, profitability and even cash flow. With so much at stake, understanding the science behind it becomes imperative.


“The Science of Service is the ultimate guide to customer service. At Telus International, we’ve applied Colgate’s FAMe model and it works (for example, we successfully use Mark’s coaching framework for all leaders). The book combines science, illustrative case studies, tools, and a framework that companies can easily apply to take their customer service from good—which isn’t good enough—to great, positively impacting their bottom line.” Jeffery D. Puritt

President and CEO, Telus International

“The business world and the sports world have always been intertwined… now readers have a playbook to help them connect the dots. Mark Colgate, in his 8 Moments of Power, has shown us how to help employees to grow technically, mentally and physically. I encourage all leaders to read this book.”

Jeff Mallett

Founding President & COO, Yahoo, Principle Partner, San Francisco Giants