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Creating a Powerful Service Culture

Through his research, Mark identified 4 things – FAME – that every organization must get right to build and sustain a service organization. Now you can build your systems to make customer service a key competitive advantage using Mark’s easy to remember “FAME” model. The elements of the FAME model are: F= Build Frameworks to educate and enable leaders and employees A= Create Accountability so everyone feels responsible M= Deliver the Moments of Power E= Endure through the 3 key disciplines of implementation Key takeaways:

  • the knowledge to create an organization that differentiates itself through service
  • Diagnose where you are at on this journey – identify your gaps and learn how to close them

Introducing the 3Rs

Introducing the 3Rs In this introductory session, Mark introduces the 3Rs of service – the fundamental building block in getting a new service program off the ground. It’s the 3Rs that has revolutionized many organizations like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Whistler Community, and TELUS. The 3Rs are: Responsiveness: It’s about speed and efficiency, and it’s also about keeping the customer informed, giving them cognitive control, reducing customer effort, and showing a willingness to help. Relationships: Delivering caring, personalized attention to others. It’s about asking the customer questions and listening carefully, making them feel important and giving them your undivided attention. Reliability: The ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Reliability includes educating employees and supporting their ability to convey confidence to and foster trust in the customer. It’s about competence, taking ownership, providing a minimum level of quality, and handling customers’ problems when they arise. If you don’t have a service framework embedded in your workplace, give the 3Rs a chance. This framework will make a difference from day 1.

How to be a Great Coach (and Coachee!)

Research has shown that the best opportunity for people to grow and develop, is to identify the ways in which they can grow and then coach upon those to consistently create higher levels of performance. This day focuses on how we can shape the context in which this coaching can occur to help employees grow. Outline of Course:

  1. Context of Coaching
    • What is coaching?
    • Attributes of great teams
    • Fixed and growth mindsets
  2. Creating a Culture of expertise
    • How will it help me?
    • The power of expertise
    • Expertise through coaching
  3. How to be a great coach
    • 5E Coaching model
    • How to always give high-quality feedback
    • Attributes of a great coach
    • Roleplay
  4. How to be a great coachee
    • It’s better to receive than give
    • Three things great coachees always do
    • How to seek feedback
  5. Close
    • Key takeaways
    • Next steps
    • Follow-up conversations

4 Moments of Power: Discover how to shape and direct your relationships and projects

The aim of this course is to demonstrate how to win and keep customers through relatively unknown human behaviours and business principles. These four ‘moments of power’ – when used appropriately will enable you to build more successful relationships with your customers, assist in delivering world-class service and selling more effectively. Many case examples are used of companies who use these principles carefully and cleverly. Overall the course aims are to:

  • More completely understand how human behaviour can lead to business success in service and sales
  • Appreciate the importance of ethically executing these moments of power
  • To understand not only what the four moments of power are but also an appreciation of the actual ‘moments’ that make them powerful
  • To be aware that it is the practice of executing these moments of power that is the key to success – not just knowing them

Description Moment of Power #1: Power of Context – human behavior is sensitive to and strongly influenced by its environment and other conditions that help (or hinders) people understand the situation they are in. We are interested in how we can shape the context for the customer. We look at:

  • How to build strong service and sales cultures
  • How to manage the context through the environment, choice and contrasts we show the customer

Moment of Power # 2 – Expertise – we rely on people who appear to be an expert as they tend to have superior knowledge and wisdom on what we should do next. We look at:

  • Why expertise is so important
  • How to build professional expertise
  • How to take expertise the next level through proactive expertise

Moment of Power #3 Relationships – we want to do business with those companies that demonstrate they like us. We look at how:

  • Liking starts by being reliable, being responsive and then building strong relationships
  • It becomes more effective through great conversations, going first and having the right mindset with every customer

Moment of Power #4: Problem Solving – customers may be even more loyal after you have solved their problem than before. This is called the service recovery paradox. We look at how:

  • It starts by encouraging and listening to customer feedback
  • It becomes more effective by using the right process, right interaction and right outcome in solving the problem to create a sense of fairness
  • We grow by using this data to improve the service system

Deliver on the 3Rs in every interaction

This advanced workshop builds on the original 3Rs workshop and provides a deeper dive into how to execute the 3Rs. Further examples and case studies are used to ensure participants understand how to create better experiences for every client, every interaction.

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